We understand how important it is to see the big picture. The financial planning aspect of what we do proves invaluable, providing access to a breadth of investment choices that help create a solid, long-term plan. You can rely on Fairport.

Senior executives have specific wealth planning needs, with complex compensation often closely tied to the company’s success. We understand the issues you face, including multiple demands on your time, and stand ready to help you achieve your personal and professional wealth goals.

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Alternative investment and restricted stock considerations bring new responsibilities and questions. At Fairport, we are dedicated to guiding clients before, during and after these significant events. Fairport makes a difference for executives in transition.

Fairport Wealth understands the individual needs of executives and professionals:

  • Have access to alternative investments, restricted stock and/or phantom shares and look to a wealth manager to help weigh their options;
  • Need ongoing, independent-minded, objective advice and analysis;
  • Want to achieve their dynamic personal, family, economic and philanthropic goals.

Fairport makes a difference by providing strategies that are specific to the issues faced by executives and professionals in transition. These strategies include examining tax implications of pension plans/options, generating forward-looking cash-flow models, and implementing investment strategies to help put our clients at ease.

Pay, Perks & Parachutes

Fairport offers a dual legal and financial planning presentation for corporate executives considering a new job, promotion or retirement. A Fairport advisor, partnered with a labor law attorney, will review the nuances of executive compensation to identify areas for negotiation. They'll share stories about mistakes to avoid and take the audience through a four step process for getting the optimal executive compensation package: building an advisory team, comparing options, reviewing the whole package including non-monetary features and attaining an ideal offer. Feel free to email us at Hello@fairportwealth.com for more details.