Their story, your inspiration

Inspiring Families


After decades of building a successful career and saving for the future, this oil company executive and his wife knew it made financial sense to take advantage of his employer’s early retirement offer. A well-funded IRA, 25 years of vested stock options and an impressive pension plan would make their future secure. But they knew there was much more than money to consider.

Map It Out


This happily married couple weathered the ups and downs of building their successful manufacturing business, always agreeing on when to spend on luxuries and when to save for the future. Now their son wanted to take over the business and for the first time, conversations that were once harmonic were becoming discordant.

Pass the Mantle


With $3 million in investable assets and a total net worth of $5 million, this grieving widow knew she’d be “well off” but she had no idea how to manage the wealth without her husband’s help. To make matters worse, her current financial advisor seemed condescending and dismissive of the widow’s questions and concerns.

Understand Good Advice


Separating assets was the last thing on this woman’s mind when she learned of her husband’s affair. When divorce became the path forward, the soon-to-be ex-wife knew her number one priority was her children. She had to move through her own anger and grief to forge their shared future.

Start a New Chapter


A couple’s financial picture grew more complex over the years. Career advancement led to more nuanced compensation and options arrangements. But it was inherited wealth from the wife’s father-in-law that could, if handled wisely, change their lives forever.

Protect Your Wealth
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