Changes surrounding the sale of a company bring new responsibilities and questions. At Fairport, we are dedicated to guiding clients before, during and after these significant events. Fairport makes a difference for business owners in transition.

Fairport Wealth understands the individual needs of needs of business owners who:

Have great entrepreneurial spirit, typically high-risk preferences and look to a wealth manager to keep track of the complexities of their financial picture;

Need objective advice while working with multiple transactional advisors;

Want to achieve their dynamic personal, family, economic and philanthropic goals.

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Business Owners Seek Smooth Succession

For most of their married life together, Bob and Delores had no trouble talking about money matters. It was a necessity for them since Bob owned a small manufacturing company and so much of the family’s fortunes rose or fell with the cycles of the economy. Lately though they had been having some heated discussions; they were facing money and life decisions that were more complex than simply what to save.

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