Business Owners

Family businesses often admit to putting short term personal needs ahead of the longer term interests of the business. Experience our hands-on, focused solutions to concerns about transferring and building wealth for the next generation. You can rely on Fairport.

As a business owner, your business and personal wealth are greatly intertwined. We have great experience working with business owners who turn to us for our knowledge and the comprehensive resources we provide.


Changes surrounding the sale of a company bring new responsibilities and questions. At Fairport, we are dedicated to guiding clients before, during and after these significant events. Fairport makes a difference for business owners in transition.

Fairport Wealth understands the individual needs of executives and professionals owners who:

  • Have great entrepreneurial spirit, typically high risk preferences and look to a wealth manager to keep track of the complexities of their financial picture;
  • Need objective advice while working with multiple transactional advisors;
  • Want to achieve their dynamic personal, family, economic and philanthropic goals.

The Fairport team makes a difference by providing strategies that are specific to the issues faced by business owners in transition. These strategies include examining tax implications, generating forward-looking cash flow scenarios, and implementing investment strategies to help put our clients at ease.

Minding Your Business

Fairport offers a presentation that addresses the challenges of the modern family business owner. The program’s groundwork is set with an overview of the state of the family business, highlighting some startling statistics. Next our advisors outline the dimensions of the family business and provide a process for aligning family and business values. Drawing on their experience, our presenters focus on case studies and key strategies that have led to both business and personal satisfaction for their clients who own family businesses. This presentation can be adapted to audiences of business owners or to other professional advisors (CPAs, attorneys) who serve business owners. Feel free to email us at for more details.